Hashish Platinum- Watchmen Ep. 3

A Book Club for Hell World For The Hashish and Superiority Book Club: A B-Side to our Alan Moore content. After five minutes of Toy Talk and the “pivot to video” of retail, we finally get back into Alan Moore’s most famous comic. Like the impotent heroes of Watchmen, we’re getting back into the action! Watchmen: Chapters 7, 8, and 9! Trigger Warning: Sexual assault and Predestination Talk. Because Alan Moore. Check it out on Patreon through the link below.

One “Point of Light” and Three Plots

Klingons are back! And so are their follicles -But hey there’s a lot to cram in this episode between Klingons, fungi, and a Spock plot that none of us want.

This week a new companion jumps on to counter the ignorance of Glen and Sean. Friend of the pod Bucky (@BuckyWTGoodHair on Twitter) comes in to help explain trek lore and backstory where applicable and give his “expert” opinions on this episode plus why fans should be rooting for Disco to succeed.

On the back end we talk about some of the vicious rumors circulating about the show on twitter and youtube.

Let us know what you think! We’ll do something with your calls eventually!

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New Eden, New Ignorance (Discovery Season 2 E02)

“New Eden” brings a classic Star Trek episode, with tropes even non-Trekkers can identify as such.  But aside from the away mission on the planet, can someone who hasn’t watched the Discovery make any sense out of the heavy space rock, spore drives, or Tilly’s secret friend back on the ship?

Wade is again joined by Glen Hall and Sean Perrotta, two Star Trek neophytes, but also by Benny Scheckner (https://www.instagram.com/chickenbonesontheground/), who has even LESS frame of reference for this episode.  

Star Trek Discovery Season 2 Premiere – Oh, Brother

The wait is over! Star Trek Discovery Season 2 has begun!

Left adrift without his regular cohosts, Wade has assembled a rag tag team of scabs to watch Star Trek Discovery.

With no baggage from last season, or even much familiarity with Trek fandom itself, what will Sean Perrotta and Glen Hall have to say after watching just one episode? Will it totally ruin the Kickers of Elves brand if they actually love this show?