Such Bitter Sorrow (Discovery S2E13)

The end game approaches! In the meantime not much happens, but actually more happens than you could arguably fit into an hour, or fifty seven minutes.  We kvetch because we care!

Sean Perrotta is back to detail what he felt he missed in the past two episodes.  Glen Hall gives a synopsis.  Wade Bowen is here too. Go figure.

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Full House of Shadows (Discovery S2E12)

Time crystals, y’all. Time Crystals.  Lots happened in this episode, or did it?  Where did the time go?  Pike visits a Klingon to get a rock, Michael gets shot at, and Stamets and Culber get talked to.  Could last week’s next-on have jumped straight past into this week’s?

It’s a full pod with plenty of opinions from Glen Hall, and extra guests Lane Bowen, Benny Scheckner, Courtney Bowen, and also a rather quiet baby.  

Hashish Platinum- Last Watchmen

A Book Club for Hell World

Well the KOE brain geniuses have finally gone and done it.  The final installment of the Hashish and Superiority Book Club Champagne Room reading of Watchmen has been completed.

The final three chapters of the book that ruined superheroes for a generation are discussed, as are the upcoming HBO series from Damon Lindelhoff, and a possibly impending doom for the floppy comics industry.

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Rad Angel (Discovery S2E10)

Rad or… Bad?
The identity of the red angel is revealed! And then some. What is the best way to catch a time traveler who might have pertinant information at its disposal?

Sean is back. Where was he last week and what is going on with Star Trek Discovery?  

The streak is broken and Wade wasn’t as big a fan of this episode. 

Can Glen do a “short” synopsis?  All questions will be answered!

On the Patreon this Week

Even when we’re not yelling loudly about it, there’s stuff going on at the Kicker of Elves patreon. Two short talks we had this week:

The Quiet Ennui of the High School PE Teacher
Where we talked about the games people play and men who yell at teenagers.
And sometime paddle them.

Greatest Edgelords
We talk some about the “controversy” regarding Star Trek and canon, and what that really might be about for some of the angry lads on the internet.

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